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"Often, for the price of one custom item,

you can learn how to make as many as you like, and in your own style!"


I can teach any technique I already use comfortably.  In person on online via a high definition webcam. There are no geographic limitations, provided the student has the necessary computer equipement and

high speed internet connection. I can also train teachers, so they can transmit the techniques to generations of students.

My workshops are always tailored to each student's goals and current skill levels, and are offered in express versions (one day or less) and full versions (A day or more).


Montreal and surroundings: I teach in-person family-oriented workshops with my Colleague Chris Godziuk,

of Panadream Theatre, in libraries, schools, community centers, and festivals. Catalog available here soon.


I am currently working on some video tutorials that will be available for rental (streaming)

on Puppetry Films, a website dedicated to bringing together in one place, the best puppetry-related video

content, such as tutorials, films, and documentaries.


More information and images coming soon.

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